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2023.11.19|We Went to France to interact with local wineries

2024.4.16|We are going to participate in "food 4 future" conference


We want to create
value for underutilized resources.

We are a company that gives value to resources
that are being discarded by wineries because they are not attracting the attention they deserve.

Wineries are discarding a lot of resources
that have a pretty shape, a unique flavor, or a superior nutrient content....
Many resources that have a lot of charm are being discarded.

Wine is a work of art that marks time.

We create stories from materials that have a long history together with wine.

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Grape tendril x Pasta


Created by Umezo kichen

Grape tendril paper


Created by Maaya Takano

Grape tendrill x JPN meals


Created by

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Cooperation Companies

hand We are looking for partners to work with us in the utilization of winery waste,
including the provision of foodstuffs, and the development of wine-related products.
Please feel free to contact us.